the stars could never shine more than you

Reese Bennett. Eighteen. Senior.
Glee Club. Football.
Chef. Spiderman. Husband.
Married status. III-III-MMXIII


Birthday Meeting || Meese


These were the moments that Mallory loved most of all. They were laughing, joking, having a fantastic time together. It was as if all their worries melted away as they sat on her bed, him opening his gifts and she equally as excited to see it as he was. Mal had decided right away that she wanted to make the bear when she started calling him her teddy bear, because that’s exactly what he was. It was sweet that he truly loved the teddy bear and everything it stood for, a small smile forming on her face he held the bear in his arms. The joke came out and Mal laughed loudly, smiling at him. “Yes, and because you’re my teddy bear.” She grinned at him as she spoke, looking down at the bear in question.

Mal moved herself closer to Reese as he took her hand to pull her. She bit her lip and smiled, watching his fingers as they gently grazed across her face. As he finally settled on kissing her, Mal smiled into the kiss, slowly taking the bear from his hands and placing it next to them as she slowly lowered herself on the bed, bringing him with her. She let them kiss for a bit longer before pulling away and smiling at him a little. Every single time that Reese was near her, she felt butterflies in her stomach. Looking down at herself, she could notice the tiniest bump forming, where her and Reese’s baby was currently. This was a perfect moment to tell him what she felt, what she wanted to do. They were completely alone. “I think I want to give the baby up.” Mal said quietly, moving her hand to trace the bump slowly. “As much as I know you don’t want me to say this, I could give up my dreams for this baby, because it’s ours… but I-I want to give it a better life than I could have. I’d be trapping you, Reese, first of all… and second of all… I wouldn’t want to resent the baby some day. Someone else can take care of it better than we can.” Taking his hand, she let it gently rest against her stomach, giving him a sad smile. “But… if I am forced to have a fetus growing inside me… I’m glad it’s yours, too.”

Reese moved his fingers along and threaded his fingers through her short, black locks to bring her face closer as he deepened the passionate kiss he graced on her lips. His body naturally laid itself down on top of her with one leg resting comfortably in between the both of hers. He slid his hand down to the slender curve of her neck and continued to kiss her as his thumb brushed along her jawline. A small breeze whooshed between them as she pulled away and he gazed into her chesnut orbs, a small grin formed on his face. His smile only grew wider when she flashed one of her own, a tiny chuckle escaping from his lips. He stares at her for a few moments as he attempts to count the reasons as to why he loved the girl under him just as everyone else seemed to be finding joy in also. She believed in him, she motivated him. She was witty, talented and beautiful. In short terms, she electrified him. He couldn’t help but to plant another quick peck on her lips before pulling away once more and releasing a breathy laugh.

Reese’s eyes followed hers, his sight landing on her stomach and he gulped quietly. It was still a scary thought to think about a baby growing inside of her. His baby, no less. He snapped his head back up as her quiet voice broke the stare that was on her belly. A small wave of relief flooded over him when she stated that she wanted to give up their baby for adoption. He surrendered a large sigh he didn’t know he was holding until she finished her sentence. He cocked his head to the side, listening to her explain why she chose this alternative for them. He shook his head slowly when she said she would give up her dreams for the baby, knowing that she already knew his position on that statement. He chewed lightly on his lower lip when she mentioned that baby was theirs. It ran through his mind as fast as the wind and it made him think about how Chris was right in a way. What if in the future, he wondered where the baby was? Although he agreed that giving up the baby was the best option, he couldn’t help but to feel like he would be giving a bit of himself away. His heart began to pound rapidly in his chest, his breaths getting shorter as he felt her bring his hand to the bump of her stomach. A sad small smile approached his lips, his thumb timidly grazing against her skin through the fabric of her lacy night gown. “I’m glad you considered this choice. I seriously thought you would want to keep it. I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if you were stuck here, don’t worry about my well-being.” he mumbles lowly, only loud and clear enough for her to understand. “But honestly, Mal, I think you would be the best mother in the whole entire world. You would give this kid everything he could ever dream of. I just know that right now isn’t the right time.”

Her final words hit home for him. His mouth was left slightly open as he studies her face, wondering what he could say to that. Right now, he wouldn’t wish her to be in this situation at all and never would he have thought he would be in this position. But the longer he thought about it, he’s glad it was him and not someone else that he knew wouldn’t be able to take care of her like he could. “I love you. So much.” It’s barely above a whisper but he knows she could hear it.  

Birthday Meeting || Meese


Mal couldn’t help but be excited for when Reese opened her present. It had taken her forever to find out what she wanted to give him, knowing he wasn’t very materialistic. It wasn’t that he didn’t like them, he just liked thoughts and feelings more. Although she found it extremely touching and deep, but she did find it irritating when a gift giving day came up. It wasn’t like she was actually going to listen to him when he said he didn’t want her to get him anything so finding a gift had been top priority. Feeling his eyes on her body, legs to be exact, she shook it off as she jumped on her bed again, thrusting the present into his arms. “I’m so excited!” He was making fun of her, and Mal couldn’t help but laugh as she waited for him to begin to open it.

As Reese slowly made his way opening her gift rather slowly, clearly trying to irritate her. “I’m going to open it for you if you keep acting like molasses,” she playfully pushed him, laughing still the same. Watching him pull the package of coupons, she smiled at him and watched him open the book to look at what was in it. When he said it was adorable, Mal’s cheeks instantly heated up as she looked down at her bedspread, tracing her fingers over the light yellow polka dotted print. “You like it?” Thinking of the coupon he mentioned, she raised her head with a smile on her face. “I’ll beat you, but I can’t wait either.” She could almost picture playing video games with this boy and it sounded like so much fun. Them sitting on his bed, playing video games while spending time together. They were competitive so it would definitely be a lot of fun. Nodding her head when Reese said there was more in there, Mal smiled a lot, seeing the look on his face as he looked at the bear in a chef’s costume. “Yeah, but look, it has a yellow ribbon because that’s my favorite color. I figured you could look at it and see you, and look at the ribbon and know that I’m always going to help you achieve your dreams.” Shrugging her shoulders, she grinned as she looked at the bear.

Reese nodded his head in approval when she asked if he was indeed pleased with the first of his birthday present.  As he flipped through the pages of the tiny notepad a little bit more, the grin on his face grew wider and wider in amusement at the readings of the favors that were written on the lines of the paper. Reese was conscious of the fact that in the beginning, Mal was having a tiny bit of a problem figuring out what to get him even though he stated the fact that she shouldn’t get him anything at all, but he might have made it more difficult for her when he said that. Although, he knew; he knew that she was going to get him or make him the right gift, something he would appreciate. He understood that with these coupons, though, that he wasn’t going to take advantage of them. He set the miniature book back down in his lap and let out a soft chuckle, “I love it. I will use them wisely and on special occasions.” He noticed how bashful she had gotten and began to play with the comforter on her bed. He gently took her hand and showed a small smile, but shortly after he released a single-syllable laugh when she confidently affirmed that she was going to win.  “Maybe you’ll beat me in your dreams, sweetheart. But I admire the spunk.”

When Reese held the stuffed animal in his hands, he couldn’t help but to feel like he was staring at a toy bear version of what he aspired to be. His fingers trailed to the arm of the bear and gently grazed over the yellow ribbon that was wrapped around its wrist. His lips curled upward into a delighted smile at the metaphor as he looked back up at his enthusiastic girlfriend. The thought almost made him kind of sad; he knows that she always wants to be there to support his dreams, but at the moment his greatest dream was to help Mal get to her desires and deep down, he knew he almost completely ruined her chance. Still, he held his beaming expression. “Is it also because I’m your teddy bear?” he joked lightly as he tried to stay positive about the situation, but he also knew that it was sort of an inside joke between the two, so he hoped she didn’t try to see past it. “Thank you so much. The coupons, the stuffed animal, and you; I couldn’t ask for anything more.” Reese scooted closer toward the petite brunette as he gently grabbed her hand to pull her to him. He took his other hand to cup her cheek and his thumb brushed over her cheekbone bone, his rough fingers sliding over the silky surface of her skin before he finally smoothly capture her lips into his. With everything going on around him, he wanted to savor this peaceful moment.

Birthday Meeting || Meese


As much as she loved her family Mal was glad that they had decided to go spend the weekend with their grandmother, knowing that Mal wasn’t going to go along. Frankly, she hated going to her Grandma Rosewood’s house as she used to favor the boys over her and would talk about how her mother ruined her father’s life. Not really feeling like dealing with that she used Reese’s birthday as an excuse not to go along. It wasn’t a lie, it was his birthday, but she was worried about things going wrong. Now that she was pregnant and thus messing with Reese’s life, Mal wanted this to go right.

Leaving the door unlocked, Mal jumped in the shower and put on a night gown with consisted of short dark blue material and black lace tracing it, she crawled under her blanket, smiling as she felt the warmth come into her body. Once again hearing the door open, Mal shrugged assuming it was just Reese coming up finally. A grin appeared on her face as he opened her bedroom door. “Hey you,” she spoke softly, clearly happy to see him. Giggling a little as he kissed her face before finally landing on her lips, Mal kissed him back just as softly. When he asked how she was feeling Mal shrugged her shoulders. “I’m fine. Present time!” Giggling once more she hopped out of bed, grabbing her gift for him and handed the bag to him, urging him to open it.

When she answered his question with a common answer they both shared often, Reese couldn’t help but to feel like she wasn’t telling the full truth. Still, a wave of slight relief washed over Reese when Mal appeared to be happy and excited. A low chuckle escaped from his lips when she hopped off the bed to retrieve the present she’s been so giddy about. He watched her intently, noticing the lacy, dark blue nightgown she had on. He lifted his head a little higher and bit down on his bottom lip, looking down to admire the length of her smooth and curvy legs. She may be one of the shortest people he knew but she had the best legs he’s ever seen. He snapped back from his marveling when she jumped back into the bed and excitingly threw the gift bag into his lap. “Alright, alright,” he laughs, “I’m going to open it. Don’t worry.”

Reese raised a teasing eyebrow as his fingers slowly made their way to the top of the bag, trying to lengthen the suspense. “I wonder what it could be,” he lightly tapped his chin and tilted his head to the side as his other hand reached inside the gift bag. He felt a tiny notepad of paper on the tip of his fingers and he quickly pulled it out. He covered his mouth in order to restrain him from laughing at his first present: a coupon book full of favors. He turned it around and examined it, then flipped through the tiny pages to get a glimpse of what kind of things she was willing to do when he redeemed one. “This is really adorable,” he tells her, holding it proudly in his hands. He turns to a random page in the book and his eyes widen at one of the suggestions, “I can’t wait to have an entire day playing video games with you.” Having Mal sitting with him on his bed with his clothes on has been a fantasy of Reese’s for a while. Maybe it will finally come true. “Let’s see what else we have here.” He slipped his hand inside the gift bag once more, the feeling of fur through his fingers. He knitted his eyebrows together as he pulled out the second gift. A beaming grin approached his lips at the sight of a fluffy bear dressed up in a chef’s outfit. “Is this supposed to be me?” He asks curiously.

Birthday Meeting || Meese

After Chris left the Bennett residence, Reese only had a few minutes to shake off the leftover bittersweet feelings he had since he accepted the cash he was offered before heading over to Mal’s house. After word got out that his girlfriend was pregnant, he wanted to see her more than ever. Even though knowing her that she’s going to try to go all out on his birthday gift, he’s not going to expect much. In addition to the birthday sex she offered, she told him that she got him a couple of surprises, which he’s not going to lie that he’s excited for granted that he repeatedly mentioned that a present wasn’t really necessary. Already standing in the living room, he picked his suit jacket off the arm of the couch and threw it over his shoulder, not bothering to change out of his birthday lunch clothes so he could show up all spiffy and fancy. He threaded his fingers through his hair, examining his appearance in the mirror near the front door. “Mom, I’m heading to Mal’s house.” He ignored the obvious muffled protests that slipped through the office door by opening the entrance and bouncing down the stairs and towards his truck. He hopped in his car and made his way over to the house he’s been to many times before.

Her family wasn’t home which he was thankful for, because they both didn’t need the stress and all he really wanted was to spend time with her and her only at this moment. He energetically ran up the front steps and knocked on the door before twisting the knob a few times to figure out that it was unlocked. He entered the Rosewood family home and closed the door quietly as he could despite the fact that there wasn’t anyone else here except for him and Mallory. It was probably the fact that they were alone and it was night time, like they were meeting in secret which was partially true. He made his way up the stairs and rapped his knuckles on the door lightly before letting himself in. Finally being able to see her in front of him even in their current situation still put an automatic smile on his face. “Hey, gorgeous,” he greeted. Even when she was laying in bed doing nothing, only dressed her pajamas, she still managed to leave him breathless. He took his jacket off his shoulder and placed in on a dressing drawer nearby and then slowly walked over to his girlfriend. He climbed on top of the bed and sat down in the spot dubbed his, cupping her cheek lightly, pressing his lips softly on her forehead, leaving a trail of kisses down her face, finally placing a tender kiss on her lips. “How’re you feeling?” She told him that she was finally multiple times before, but he still couldn’t help but to ask.